About the Institute of Shamanic Wisdom

Liana Carbón, PhD, RMT, CHT, Director

Liana Carbón is the founder of The Institute of Shamanic Wisdom, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) multi-disciplined charitable and educational organization whose mission is to promote indigenous earth-honoring wisdom and ceremonial healing practices through cross-cultural experiences, and to teach cross-cultural shamanism and other complementary healing modalities through practitioner apprenticeships and teacher certification programs that nurture sacred community worldwide.

Liana Carbon

Liana is a Cuban-born shamanic practitioner with over 20 years of training in the healing arts, including shamanic and energy medicine practices, psychic development, craniosacral work, and meditation techniques. The major focus of her private practice is shamanic and energy healing, teaching, and mentoring other healers and teachers throughout the United States and abroad.  She is an Ordained Minister and Earth Steward with IASHES (International Association of Spiritual Humanists and Earth Stewards). Liana is an member of the World Association of Holistic Shamans and a founding member of The Society of Shamanic Practitioners.

Liana’s journey includes her extensive travels worldwide where she has participated in the healing practices of indigenous cultures.  She has received sacred teachings from many healers, teachers and shamans from South America, Nepal, Cuba, and medicine people of the First Nations, both in the United States and Canada.

Liana was initiated in the High Rites of the Q'ero Nation of Peru, the Tibetan Bön tradition, and she is a Sacred Pipe Carrier in the Cherokee tradition. She received certification through the Healing the Light Body School (TM) with Alberto Villoldo of The Four Winds Society.  Additionally, she is a certified healer and master teacher in various healing modalities, among them Shamanic Healing, Cranio-Sacral Visionary Healing, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing Therapy, and the following Reiki systems: Usui, Sekhem, Sacred Earth, Ama Deus, and Tibetan. The major focus of her private practice is shamanic and energy healing, teaching, and mentoring other healers and teachers throughout the United States and abroad.

Liana also hosts a weekly Internet radio show called Living Wisdom: The Art of Shamanism and Spirituality.  Join her on Tuesdays at 11 am PST at http://www.modavox.com/7thwavenetwork.

Katina O’Neil, PhD, RMT, CHT, Director

Katina O'Neil

Katina O’Neil is a Reiki Master, shamanic healer and teacher with a background in Anthropology and training with North American and Peruvian shamans and medicine people. From her continuing studies of new paradigms emerging out of physics and her commitment to the healing of all beings and the planet, Katina leads her clients and students into a vision of their healed state with an understanding of their inherent power through interconnectedness to all life. Katina currently has a healing and teaching practice in Kamloops B.C. With The Institute of Shamanic Wisdom she teaches in the US and leads journeys to Peru.


She can be reached at ksmo@telus.net or 250-314-1413.

Kim Adams, Business Coordinator

Kim Adams is currently a licensed massage therapist with a private healing practice in Massachusetts. She began her spiritual path in the study of energy medicine in 1996 after receiving second level initiations in Usui Reiki. Kim continued studying various energy modalities including: Lightbody Activation, Magnified Healing, AKAMAI Full Spectrum Energy Healing,  After completing Massage Therapy School, she studied Cranio-sacral therapy as well as Myofascial release.

Kim was introduced to the practice of meditation in 2001 followed by a group experience involving Shamanic journeying. Her interest in the Shamanic path deepened and she has since studied with Cusco-born native José Luis Herrera, as well as Shaman teachers Liana Carbón and Katina O’Neil.  Kim made her first journey to Peru in August 2007 after being called by the Apus of the Sacred Valley.  Her current passion along the Shamanic Path is being present with those in the dying process.

Kim Adams

Kim has a gift to work with special populations. Prior to her current work, she assisted homeless families, people with HIV/AIDS and special needs children in obtaining necessary services via her role as a case manager. Kim has a BA degree in Psychology from Russell Sage College in Troy, NY.


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